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Writing about relationships, technology, and politics.
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If you never thought you’d read articles from every major news outlet about a Reddit community called r/WallStreetBets, join the fucking club. Over the last few weeks, the stock for Gamestop has exploded from 16 dollars a share to a high of 550 dollars. It is at 311 dollars per share in after-hours trading.

By now, you’ve probably read that this stock spike is a result of a short borrow rate of 250% that hedge funds have taken on the stock. Shorts are stocks that hedge funds borrow from prime brokerages that need to be returned. …

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On Some Thought” is a publication seeking to understand the dynamics that result when business, society, and self interact. This can look like the intersection of a multi-national corporation with consumerism and the way in which it affects the writer’s view of her place within it.

We invite Medium authors to submit their relevant stories to “On Some Thought” whether your Medium story is new or already published.

Before you submit, please edit your article for grammar and then have a look at the stories we’ve published so far to get an idea of what we are interested in sharing…

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March 2020 was the month every company instituted its work from home policy to prevent viral transmission.

Many of us lived in high-cost cities and had a 2 to 3-hour commute to work both ways. Now many of us have adjusted to cooking lunch at home and spending more time with our family than we imagined possible pre-pandemic.

But it all comes at a cost. Many young professionals who recently graduated from college do not have a specifically dedicated space for work. This lack of separation between work, play, and life lead to stress and burnout. …

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Victoria’s Secret is best known for its lingerie brand that advertises the personas of their supermodels, known as Victoria’s Secret Angels. Since it’s pivot towards swimwear and society’s desire for diverse body types and sizes, the company has since become privatized and eliminated its Annual VS Fashion show from its marketing line.

At its peak in 2008, Victoria’s Secret marketed itself as a multi-national conglomerate known for its expensive bras and sexy, sprawled supermodels in their store display windows.

The models in the Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show, broadcasted on CBS, became faces of fashion houses and luxury perfumes seemingly…

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My senior thesis course focused on the atrocities committed in war and their devastating effects. We studied international conflicts that occupied the largest impacts on human history. This included the Nazi occupation of Germany and the burning of a millennium of books by Mao Ze Dong. In both events, they are examples of the cataclysmic erasure of entire peoples, which directly affects the very existence of the victims’ cultures, religions, and languages.

For a third of the course, this is what we honed in on. Genocides.

The United Nations defines genocide as an international law crime.

“In the present Convention…

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In Constitutional Law, treason is a term that is vaguely defined. Overspecificity renders policewoman (or the enforcers of the law) too powerful in regards to determining which agents committed treason, and thus the power to sentence the agent to death. Giving too much power to the enforcers of the law undermines the ability of the courts (or the judges of fairness in society) to interpret the law’s breadth. This broad definition, as seen below, maintains a balance of power within a just, democratic society.

“Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering…

What you didn’t know about competing in national beauty pageants.

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A yearly family tradition we had was watching the national beauty pageant. All the pomp and circumstance was exciting to watch. But my favorite part was seeing the beauty queen being crowned. With her big smile and this great roar of victorious celebration with her crown and her scepter as she walks down a big glittery stage. …

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Pyramid Schemes prey on recent college graduates who have applied to anything and everything but still don’t have a job after what seemed like a pre-determined amount of time. They fix you up with false promises of moving to the top quickly with incremental wage increases where none exists because the company has no way of generating income. The company gains “income” from the people at the bottom, where they expect “employees” to pay “back into” the company, but then the employees never see their money back because it’s always going back into the “company”.

Laying the Foundation:

In the…

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Thrift shopping is great. You’re buying vintage at-cost, decreasing waste, and going on a treasure hunt to boot. But it’s un-treaded waters for the new thrift-er on the scene.

When I first began going thrift-shopping, I only knew that it was shopping for old clothes that were lightly used, a little older in style, and great for layering different times and styles. But I knew little about the experience of thrift-shopping when I first started so here’s what I wish I knew about thrift-shopping before I started doing it that would have made for a much more enjoyable experience:


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Writer’s block is when you stare at an empty screen with the blinking cursor for hours. Dozens of ideas flit through your head but you can’t seem to put words to paper.

You’re dismissing every idea, or veto-ing it. Because it’s not creative enough, or there is not enough to write about or because it wouldn’t appeal to an audience.

All fine reasons for not writing an article. But all excuses.

So, why not just write? Even if it’s bad. Even if the idea doesn’t stick. Even if no one will read it.

Especially then.

Most of our writers’ block…

Cynthia Leung

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